thumb|192x192px Alex Wassabi (Alexander Burriss) (born in March 28, 1990)

He was born in Montana before moving to North Carolina, meeting his best friend, Roi Fabito (Wassabi).

He has two brothers named Andrew and Aaron, who became popular web video stars later on. He also has a sister, Mariah, and a niece, Malaya, aka Princess Gorgeous.

Other than having the YouTube channel, Wassabi Productions that has more than nine million subscribers, he also has a personal twitter and a vine account, having his very first vine made on May 1, 2013.

He formerly did parodies with Roi in the past, having their most popular video of all, "Call me maybe"-Richard and Rolanda parody with over 80 million views in just two years. He still makes skits and parodies, but with other people (having Roi cameo once in a while). Roi used to be Alex's best friend but the past is in the past.

Alex also has a vlog channel that has more then 10,000,000 subscribers. Alex had a girlfriend named Lauren, who has her own channel, LaurDIY, in which they feature each other's channel frequently, especially in his vlogs. Alex was also in Escape The Night, a murder-mystery show by Joey Graceffa as The Leader, along with his girlfriend Lauren who was the Engineer.Alex's brother also has a pet dog (pug) named Guppy, with his own Instagram, @guppythepug. He was nominated for a kids choice awards in 2018 for funny youtube creator too.